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Expertise Tailored for Your Success

     •     Machine Data Systems: Data acquisition and SCADA implementation from large plant level systems to small/ entry-level systems to capture the right data to enable a Business Intelligence architecture through Data Science/ Machine Learning as applicable.

     •     Production Systems:
Supporting OEE initiatives through a structured focus on uptime, production rates, and scrap. Lean Sig Sigma experts on staff have deep toolkits and experience in manufacturing site turn-arounds that link practical Reliability and simplified Problem Solving to OEE, effective production rates, and bottom line effectivity.

     •     Machine Stability: Experts in Vibration and Thermal Analysis support our long experience in precision engineering. Remember the time when an unexpected loss of machine capability halted your production line? With our services, those days are no longer to be feared. Our R&D experts have deep experience in machine design, modeling/FEA, and instrumentation to support all of the above expertise’s.

A Spectrum of Services – Our Promise of Excellence

      •     Instrumentation & Data
: We set up intuitive yet comprehensive dashboards for 1. monitoring real-time production, and 2. supporting impromptu data collection for quick hypothesis testing or running experiments with real-time data. Our dashboard systems are built to deliver – scalable systems built for your specific purpose is our specialty.

Case Study #1 – our support to a medical device manufacturer increased an automation line's OEE by a whopping 80% through creating visibility on live dashboards to show the current state of the OEE drivers. Often, this alone enables teams to address their own contributions to problems.

     •     Predictive Maintenance: We transform your machine Reliability strategies by analyzing machine health from a data perspective. Augmentation of Preventive Maintenance with Predictive Maintenance is highly effective in aging machinery, but also excellent at cost saving in more modern equipment. This approach is our way of keeping the unexpected at bay, extending MTBF, extending machine lifespan, and lowering Total Cost of Ownership.

     •     Engineering expertise:
Machine performance is a deterministic group of sciences. The age of mysterious methods and smoke and mirrors has passed. We do deep dives into machine problems through a structured and visible process. After initial study enlightens root-causes, our specialties in gaging/alignment, vibration/shock, thermal analyses, and machine controls tuning are used to create solutions. PLC optimization, servo systems, pure mechanical machines are all within our wheelhouse.

Case #2 – our project for an injection molding company increased productivity by 20% through reducing rejects due to machine vibration; simple changes to axis motions addressed the problem directly. Not all problems require massive machine modifications.

Our Impact On The Industries We Serve

Whether you are in the industries of: automation/ production lines, machine tools, injection molding, optics our services are designed for you. We are versed in FDA GMP manufacturing and other regulated industries, meaning we’re equipped to navigate the intricate and high-stakes requirements of these fields. Don’t take our word for it. Ask us about our other case studies to see how we’ve helped our clients.

Navigated Innovations

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